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Enjoy the Wayne County Walk of Fame

Wayne County, Tennessee has a long history of gifted and notable singer/songwriters and musicians. Its convenient location between the famous Nashville, Memphis, and Muscle Shoals music centers, has drawn talented artists to the area over the years and inspired a developing rich musical culture drawing from different genres.

As the line from the song Nashville Cats tells us - "Nashville Cats play country music when they're two" - and, as you take this tour, you will note that many Wayne County musicians began playing as preschoolers.

Enjoy the Wayne County Walk of Fame.

This tour is built from the bios from the book: "The Heritage Project: A Collection of Musical Talent in Wayne County, Tennessee by Anita Miller. You may purchase a copy of this book at the Wayne County Museum.

The Walk of Fame tour is narrated by Nashville Radio Personality, Josh Kuhn.


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