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What's in a name?

Many have asked "Why Natchez Valley?" Great question!

For over 15 years many have tried to set Wayne County apart from the many valleys and geographical locations to enhance and promote tourism to our direct area, not the general location.

Wayne County is located in the "Tennessee River Valley" which spans from Kentucky to Mississippi over to Alabama and back around to Kentucky. That's a HUGE area! We are also in the "Buffalo River Valley" which also runs through several counties in Tennessee. Short story, we get "lost" in those valleys.

Over 30 miles of the Natchez Trace National Park (affectionately referred to as "The Trace") runs through our beautiful county, with several exits to get to our towns for shopping and leisure. We are also home to the most direct exit to amenities such as food, gas and alternate routes in Tennessee should the "Trace" be closed for any reason.

The Wayne County Welcome Center, open 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, located just off exit 355 in Collinwood, is that area where you can pull off, stretch your legs, stay the night, fill up your gas tank or your food tank.

Our Welcome Center has approximately 20,000 visitors a year that sign the Visitors Log when entering the building. That number, feasibility, is double that for those who do not stop in and say Hi to the volunteers. Tourists from all over the world visit the Natchez Trace, especially during the fall when the leaves are turning colors.

Many early settlers of Wayne County came off the "Trace" to made our area home. Native Americans were some of the first inhabitants of our area due to the resources of water and cover from enemies that threatened their way of life. People today still find arrowheads and other ancient relics from that time.

Outlaws also came off the "Trace" using such areas as the Natural Bridge as a hideout. There was even a movie filmed in Wayne County called "Natchez Trace" aka "Bandits of the Natchez Trace". The film was premiered in Waynesboro in 1957. Sadly, the film no longer exists, but there are plenty of stories, posters and other memorabilia throughout the area.

There is not a spot in our area the Natchez Trace hasn't touched in our history. So, when sitting down and combining all of our resources, Natchez Valley just made sense! Come visit and see for yourself how this valuable roadway has given opportunities to our area for ALL your recreational wants and needs!


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