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Jump off the Trace and into The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly in Collinwood, TN is a quaint emporium that features specialty coffees and smoothies, baked goods, unique gifts and snacks. It has served as a convenient stop for the travelers coming off the Natchez Trace as well as a staple for the locals since 2008.

In the mornings, the teachers and parents stop in for their morning coffee or smoothie, and after school the high school kids have adopted it as their local hang out. Some of the high schoolers even work there too! If you need a custom cake for your event or baked goods be sure to ask for Miss Lauren she has quite the talent for sweets!

In 2017 there was a fire that left only the outside shell of the building standing, but owner David Harrison and his father rebuilt the entire store and reopened the following year. We are so grateful that they were able to revive it after that tragedy and to have a small business like this in Nashville’s Big Back Yard. Come and see them!


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