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Bonnie Blue Farm a must see in the Natchez Valley

Come for the cheese, stay for the goats at the Bonnie Blue Farm in Waynesboro, TN. The 300-acre farm has been producing European-style fresh and cave-aged cheeses for more than a decade. The cheeses are made from milk harvested from the farm’s Nubian dairy goats and Jersey cows.

After being collected, milk is quickly chilled and then transported to the on-farm cheese studio, where it is handmade under the watchful eye of master cheesemaker Gayle Tanner. The wide range of award-winning offerings includes simple cheddar cheeses as well as savory varieties such as Feta, Great Pyr, Crottin, Tanasi Tomme, and Mooleen.

As an added treat, visitors get to bottle-feed the baby goats and pet the larger ones. And who doesn’t love a baby goat?

Smile and say “cheese” when you experience the beautiful dairy farms in Nashville’s Big Back Yard!


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